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When most folks are thinking about retiring to the golf course or gleefully sliding off to Europe, at 62 years of age, my thoughts turned to starting an online business to provide unique gifts for active people… specifically runners, cyclist and tri-athletes.
I was teaching a women’s only fitness boot camp in 2008 when one of my clients asked if I would help her train for a sprint triathlon. I said of course and we embarked on setting up a training schedule for her.
Now at the time distance events were the farthest thing from my mind. I was enjoying being an amateur sprinter 6 months out of the year at our local USA Track & Field events. Sprinting always seemed wiser since the pain was over very quickly compared to distance events.
Neither my client or myself had ever attended a live triathlon event, so we checked one out early on in the training schedule. As I watched the swim, then the transition to bike, then transition to run, something inside of me said “this might be fun”…not just long running, but three things to train for.
Well, long story made short, I bought a bike online and began to train for my first triathlon… all of a sudden I was no longer a slow sprinter, I was now “ a slow tri-athlete” and loved every minute of it. Other than my family, it has become the love of my life.
Speaking of my family…here they are… my gorgeous wife, two beautiful daughters and a pair of crazy pups… love’m all!

We hope you enjoy our website and that you can find some unusual gifts for that active person in your life. We strive to always add cool gifts to our selection with great pricing and quick delivery for your enjoyment.
So, check us out each month to see if we have added something new that will excite your favorite athlete. Also, check us out on twitter, facebook and our cool fitness info blog.
Thanks for checking us out… see you again soon


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